Phase Two - Installation and continued Improvement for Automated Solution for a leading e-Commerce platform providers in Hong Kong


In 2017, one of the leading e-Commerce platform providers in Hong Kong appointed BPS Global to develop an automated solution for its new flagship distribution center in Hong Kong. In order to tackle the project, a tailor-made solution with goods-to-person technology was deployed.  BPS Global developed the solution from concept design, layout design, commissioning as well as continued technical support and maintenance afterwards.


In 2018, the client requested us to further fortify this project by increasing more AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), inbound stations and modified the existing shelving within the facility to eliminate manual intervention and streamline order-picking processes. The most challenging part of this project was the work needs to be done without interrupting their normal operation and in a short lead time. Thanks to our AGV system which is flexible and can be modified within short lead time. We were able to address client’s needs without interrupting their normal daily operation.


Nevertheless, integration of the software of the AGVs with the client’s existing warehouse management system (WMS) is another challenge. In order to create a seamless flow of information between client’s existing software system and the fleet of AGVs, our professional team provided the most responsive support, completed thorough training and provided insights to optimize the integration.


Through our practical experience and technical expertise, BPS Global strived to develop a tailor-made automated solution that that has proven to be satisfying clients’ present and potential needs.

Project Details 


Scope of Work

  • Logistics Automation



  • Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong