Warehouse Automation for a Power Company

As Hong Kong’s largest warehouse automation system integrator, BPS Global Group was invited to upgrade the warehouse of a power company in Hong Kong.


With the development of logistics 4.0, a traditional power company plans to upgrade and transform its warehouses. The client wants to improve storage efficiency, increase warehouse capacity, and provide more accurate inventory information. Meanwhile, manual picking errors can be reduced and work safety can be improved.


In order to meet different logistics operation needs, the BPS team has designed an integrated automatic logistics system, including automatic guided vehicles, visually navigated automatic forklifts and high-speed door systems. In order to optimize the performance of automated equipment, BPS also provided a Warehouse Execution System (WES) to enhance the automatic Warehouse Control System (WCS). The warehouse execution capability is improved and the automated operation is fully monitored.


With the automated hardware and optimized software, the BPS team has successfully assisted the customer to upgrade and transform the warehouse. The once manual warehouse has been upgraded to a safe and modern warehouse.



Project Details


Scope of Work

  • Design and Build
  • Project Management
  • Logistics Automation
  • Picking Optimisation



  • Hong Kong