Demolish and Reinstatement Project of Dangerous Goods Warehouse

Warehouse demolition and reinstatement are generally common projects in Hong Kong. However, BPS Global faces a huge challenge this time as this project involves dangerous goods. The requirements of our clients, landlords and different Government departments must all be fulfilled.


Our client has been renting a unit in ATL Logistics Centre Hong Kong as its dangerous goods warehouse for years. It is a public bonded warehouse and carries a category 5 dangerous goods (potable spirits) warehouse license. Now this site needs to return to its original state as the warehouse is due for relocation.


The usable surface area of the warehouse and its facilities is over 110,000 square feet. The reinstatement project includes the removal of all the interior constructions (e.g., cement platforms listed in the construction plan, steel construction platform), the additional electricals and air-conditioning facilities, warehouse goods and paved cement terrace, etc. The site must be returned to its original state by the end of the project. The site is originally an unfurnished logistics warehouse. It contains basic warehouse facilities such as loading platforms, basic electricity supply, fire-resistant roller shutters and lavatories, etc.


This project must be completed within 5 months. We must balance the benefits of both the client and the landlord. To achieve on-time completion, cross-departmental communication and cooperation are necessary. Besides removal and reinstatement, BPS Global is also responsible for communication with different Government departments to help our client to cancel their dangerous goods license and public bonded license. Moreover, approval from the Hong Kong Fire Department, Customs and Excise Department and Buildings Department regarding the demolition and reinstatement of the warehouse must be obtained before the actual works started.


To ensure the project is safe, on-time and quality-guaranteed, BPS Global has to well plan the whole project as every single step is well linked with one another. If anything goes wrong within the process, no matter whether it is a work arrangement, dispatch, material supply, demolition or reinstatement process, it would cause a chain reaction and significantly affect the whole progress. Our team would make our best arrangements, always leave ample of time for material supply, carry out detailed flow plans and prepare various contingency plans. On top of that, we keep close contact with different government departments so to ensure that all the necessary applications would be approved in time. 


With many years of experience co-operating with the Government and the industry, BPS Global is guaranteed to accomplish the mission with the best solution within a limited time.



Project Details:


Scope of Work:

  • Building Services
  • Project Management



  • Kwai Chung, Hong Kong