Enhancement project of the Memorial Camp

Project Overview:

BPS Global is proudly appointed by The Hong Kong Buddhist Association Chan Ma Mee York Memorial Camp to make over and improve the site as well as all the complementary facilities, so that the quality of service provided by the camp will be significantly enhanced. The estimated lead time is 7 months and the whole project is expected to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2023.


This Memorial Camp provides an ideal location for camping, Bhavana (meditation) and short stays. It is open to Social Welfare organizations, monasteries, schools, private organizations and civilians.


BPS Global is entrusted by the Group to build an international standard lawn bowl court for promoting local lawn bowling and expansion of service. Related facilities would be included in the project. This project consists of 2 phases: reclaiming of swimming pool and building the lawn bowl court on the refilled land, as well as establishing related facilities.


Project challenge:

Whilst the project is carrying on, the pandemic is still prevailing in Hong Kong and indefinite delay is inevitable. In view of this, BPS Global strictly monitors the lead time of different materials and transportation plans, as well as human resources control and contingency plans, so that rapid response can be implemented when the situation gets worse.


BPS Global always complies with “Best Practice Solutions”. We provide the best and most suitable enhancement solution to the Memorial camp and help it to attain diversification.



Project Details


Scope of Work:

  • Alterations and additions Works
  • Project Management



  • Tung Chung