Setting-up of Precision Electronic Components Integration Test Centre

BPS Global has been setting up a Precision Electronic Components Integration Test Centre for an International Logistics Company lately. This company provides customized professional value-added 3rd party logistics services to various enterprises. This Integration Test Centre is situated in Tsing Yi, with a total construction area of over 2,000 m². This Centre can perform micro-chip processing, sealing, testing, packing and delivery. We installed numbers of 1,000+amp cables in this centre, micro-chip processing & testing unit compressor pump systems, electrostatic protection devices, water-cooled interior temperature & humidity control system, air swept type heat exchange cooling system for semiconductor processing units, micro-chip processing & testing units, compressed air hoses, etc.


Semiconductor processing is extremely demanding: it requires strict control of temperature and humidity. Besides installing a steady high voltage power supply and reliable cooling system, we covered the floor of the whole building with electrostatic protection layer to minimize the vibration and damage throughout the semiconductor chip processing. Moreover, we installed over 1,000 meters of cables on different floors. It was a serious challenge in project design and construction.


The whole project was expected to complete in only 4 months. On top of that, the cable laying could only be done on public holidays, so to avoid heavy traffic or pedestrian flow. Therefore, time was the essence.


BPS Global always plans to perfection and carries out numerous tests in every project, so to ensure that it can be finalized on time. Our client can rest assured that this project will be finished in a timely manner.  

Project Details


Scope of Work

  • Fitting Out
  • A&A Works
  • Design & Build
  • Project Management



  • Hong Kong, Tsing Yi