BPS Global as the Main Contractor for a Community Bakery Shop in Hing Man Shopping Centre


BPS Global Group has recently completed a project for Hing Man centre in Chai Wan. The project was from Sunlink Holdings (HK) Ltd (Sunlink) and involves building a tenant’s community bakery shop.


Our client is a developer and is a firm believer in good corporate citizenship and contributes to society by offering discounted rent to bakery shop owner, The Society of Rehabilitation & Crime Prevention. Co-organized with the Correctional Services Department of HKSAR, the aim is to offer employment opportunity and training for rehabilitation teenagers and enhance their competiveness in the market after discharge from prison. BPS Global shared the same vision as to build a harmonious community and is pleased to take part in this meaningful project to provide support to the people in need. As the main contractor of this project, BPS team is responsible for fitting out and building services of bakery shop including demolition work of old commercial block, partition of kitchen, provide new plumbing and drainages as well as mechanical and electrical services.


To further respect the environment and conserve resources for future sustainable development, our client requires to preserve an old historical Chinese Banyan tree along dismantle and construction period. This valuable Banyan tree is situated inside the shopping centre with over 3-storeys in height. BPS Global is committed to address clients’ advice and therefore a number of protective measures are performed for tree preservation. For instance, barriers are set around the tree and signage is posted in visible place. Daily monitoring of the tree is carried out to make sure it is in safe and healthy condition. As common construction waste and materials can cause drastic change in soil chemistry and cause irreversible damage to the tree, our workers are under strict guidance on the removal and storage of construction materials. BPS places the strongest efforts in ensuring no chemicals, toxic substances and waste materials are placed within the area of barriers. Besides, as the overall site is on the mountain ramp, precaution measures have to be taken especially for rainy and typhoon season to avoid major floods and landslips. In addition, our professional team managed to complete the project with less construction waste and minimize the pollutants caused to the biodiversity.


BPS Global lays strong emphasis and efforts in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. With extensive experience in project management, our group strives to satisfy client’s specific requirement for tree preservation and at the same time, deliver high quality outcome with reasonable construction cost.

Project Details


Scope of Work

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