BPS Global Encourages Employees to Get Work-life Balance
19 Dec 2019

BPS Global always focus on people development. We held a Healthy Fitness Day on 30 December 2019 to encourage employees participating in sports to get work-life balance. We are pleased to invite a fitness coach to teach some simple stretching and exercises which can be done at home anytime. Also, the coach prepared a set of team exercises for colleagues to build up the team spirit and support each other.


The coach taught us the way we breathe during the work out, the correct posture of doing push up, leg raises, crunches, plank etc. to improve muscle strength as well as heart and lung function. Lastly, there are the exciting team tug-of-war competitions! Everyone from the team had to communicate and encourage each other to win.


Work life balance is the key to an employee’s health, ensuring we have consolidated our morale and increased the passion for work. While having good practices in daily lives, BPS employees should also emphasize for building a sound and rich life.